The O'Berry's

Father and daughter, Dan and Jamie O'Berry are makers and growers, working with succulents, cacti and foliage plants. They plant in second hand vessels and add drainage holes to all up-cycled planters along with creating a custom cactus soil for each piece. Pottery from local ceramic artist along with used wine corks and toys are also vessel mediums they use.  The beaches of Florida and the mountains in Tennessee inspire their designs, motivating them to incorporate stones, driftwood and branches into their miniature landscapes.

They have been propagating succulents since 2010 when they found they had a simultaneous interest in drought tolerant plants. 

In 2017 Jamie started a merchandise line, creating totes, t shirts and enamel pins that celebrate her favorite plant specimens.

Find O’Berry’s Succulents at pop-up events and craft fairs in the Bay Area. Jamie also teaches workshops, sharing their knowledge of succulents and how to incorporate them into everyday home decor.


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Director: Javi Fick
Creative Direction: Bridge + Bloom
Wardrobe Styling: Rosey Williams
Models: Madison Binder & Dawn Owens


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