Care Instructions


Succulents & Cacti

Light: The more colorful the succulents, the more sun light they crave. Keep in at least 4 hours of sun. The smaller sunny arrangements do well in a bright window, whereas the larger arrangements (6 inches and bigger) do best on an outdoor patio. The darker green succulents like natural light and do best in filtered sun. The larger darker green arrangements grow best under a tree or shaded patio.

Water: Every planter we sell has a drainage hole. Water all arrangements (toy planters, cork succulents, tea cups, baskets etc.) once a week till it drips from the drainage hole. Succulents actually do like water. It helps them grow, bloom and stay healthy. They just like to be dry in between watering.

Re-potting: Succulents dwarf themselves to their container size. They enjoy being crowded in a space and look great and colorful when stressed out (unlike us.) If you want to learn more about propagating succulents, I offer workshops monthly.

Wreaths: Evergreen wreaths need to be sprayed every other day and have a life span of around two months. Succulent Grapevine Wreaths like to be soaked in water once a week. If given the right care they can live six to eight months.

Terrariums: Spray the tillandsia with water once a week. The rest of the contents are preserved and take no care.

Baby O’Berry’s: Provide natural light and spray with water every other week.

Pay attention to your plant. Visit and inspect it often. The more you are around your plant, the more it will reward you.